Energy Healing removes negative energy and blockages from your field:

*To experience joy, peace and love for self and others
*To relief stress, tension, worry, anxiety for deep relaxation
*To become more peaceful, happier and less anxious
*To increase energy and enhance feeling of well-being
*To be more grounded and have more clarity
*To learn how to balance and protect yourself from negative energies
*To learn how to ground and balance your emotions
*To know yourself and live your own truth
*To transcend deep seated fear
*To improve self-esteem and self-confidence
*To gently heal past traumas
*To connect and integrate your inner child
*To attract abundance and success by shifting subconscious unworthiness beliefs
*To balance chakras and meridians

Ultimately, my core intention with your healing process is to help you remember who you are and healing is a process of knowing yourself. During your healing process, examples of some of the above may be what you will be experiencing in order for your authentic self to shine. Since everyone's healing path is unique, results will vary to the individual receiving the energy healing.