Healing Services

Energy Therapy for the Mind, Body, and Spirit

Energy Healing heals past emotional trauma. In doing so, one's spirit is also freed of any obstacles created by the emotional trauma. Likewise, physical impairments that may have appeared due to past emotional trauma heals as well.

When the core cause is identified and healed, all areas of life will eventually be healed as well because of the interconnectedness of life energy. Since we all have different energy signatures, we will respond differently before the overall well-being is achieved. You may respond to the healing in your energy fields and physical body, or it may show up in the external world, such as work evolving positively, relationships becoming healthier, and moving forward in life with grace. You will feel better about life in general.

My healing modality is nameless as I use my natural abilities to assist you with your needs. I heal by channeling and directing universal healing energy to you and through you. I simply remove blocked energy by using my hand and mind with the intention to restore balanced overall energy. My core intention in your healing process is to help you remember who you are and help you get in touch with your authentic self.

Healing is a process and is not a destination. You must have an open mind and heart and be willing to be vulnerable and face your fears and let go of your self-resistence caused by the mind in order to be authentic. You are in your own power when you know your authentic self and you will be able to manifest your heart's desire easily and live your life purpose effortlessly. Your inner light will radiate out to the world once you are in touch with your authentic self.

I also believe that the healer and healee relationship is karmically bonded. One's soul has to evolve and be mature enough for the healing to occur. And when you are ready, your inner wisdom will attract and guide you the right healers into your life. When the healing is meant to happen, it will flow with the perfect harmony of one's mind, body, and spirit.

May your awakening unfold with joy and grace!