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I met Chung Li at one of the local New Earth Expos in Sacramento, CA. I had seen her working at several others before and had always been curious about what she could do for me. Having chronic back pain and joint pain and feeling generally unmotivated and de-energized, I was trying pretty much anything and everything at this point. I did a session with Chung Li to see if should offer some relief. Immediately after I felt lighter in spirit and heart and had a renewed sense of energy. One of the more prominent things I noticed was how I carried myself afterwards. The stinging back pain and stiff knees felt more flexible and certainly didn't nag on me as they were previously. Chung Li has a gentle and soft disposition and the energy flows through her in a loving and genuine way. Even if you just need to recharge your batteries, she is an excellent facilitator and a beautiful soul.

--Marie Callahan
Sacramento, CA

Thank you for the energy healing today at East West Bookstore. I came in feeling very scattered and worried about many things. I'm now feeling a sense of more flow and openness this afternoon and appreciate it. Thank you for helping me start to heal. May you be well!

Bay Area, CA

Chung has a real gift that anyone wanting healing should experience. While I've had many positive experiences under her care, one stands out most. In short, before our appointment, I felt a bit stressed and confused. After our appointment, I felt like I was a brand new person, completely renewed. All stress and confusion was gone and I experienced a great deal of peace and happiness, these feelings lasting for quite some time after our session. Overall, I think that Chung is a true representative of God's grace, again someone that everyone wanting healing should experience first-hand. Keep up the great work, Chung.

San Jose, CA

I received a Healing from Chung Li at the Expo in Turlock Ca. It was the most amazing Healing I have ever received before. She touched my Soul like no ever has done before.

Turlock , CA

Hi Chung, I felt connected to the energy of the universe. I thought you were a wonderful and caring medium for that energy to work in a positive way for me. I continue to reflect on my experience with you and thank you.

--John Greene
Walnut Grove, CA

Chung's work is remarkable. She can easily and simply release energetic blockages, smooth out my energy field and assist me in reestablishing my heart's connection to the larger reality. To use more mundane terms: Her healing energies help you feel better, help you feel more yourself. Her healing energy is strong, loving and powerful, and so I can imagine that for people that have illnesses or are suffering from emotional trauma, her healing work could very likely assist them in those areas.

--Markus Thorndike
Woodacre, CA

During the healing you did on me it felt as if fast flowing water (energy, really) was flowing in the top of my head and all down through my body and out my feet, washing away impurities. I also appreciated everything you said on health and metaphysical matters. Everything you said I recognized as true.

--John M. Peters
Stockton, CA

In 2012, Chung Li performed a healing session to address a shoulder problem for me, in which a recent muscular injury had aggravated others from long ago. Although her efforts were followed by shoulder improvements, another matter provides compelling evidence for her benefits. I hadn't mentioned an old hip injury to her nor even thought about her session addressing it. For many months, after an hour or two sitting cross-legged, I'd hobble awkwardly for the first 30 feet of walking after unfolding my legs. Weeks after the session, I suddenly realized that this problem had virtually disappeared; only a slight trace remained. No change in exercise, diet, medication or daily regime had occurred that could explain such a state-change. An objective assessment is that Chung Li's session had effected relevant physical improvements in the absence of conscious expectations on my part that could create a placebo effect.

--Ralph Duncan
Sunnyvale, CA

Dear Chung after you worked on me in San Francisco at the New Living Expo. I felt a Huge sense of peace and received a message from my guides "everything is as it should be nothing is as it should be" I felt an entire shift my body and I also felt as though I had just woken up from a feeling of unconsciousness. You are an amazing healer. My light to your light Namaste

--Katey Song
Stockton, CA

Chung had a powerful impact on my life. I met her at a time of personal transition. Our sessions together were marked with vibrational energy cleansing and grounding. Her healing came not only with her hands but also with her words and her seeing who and where I was. Chung helped me help myself at a critical phase in my life. Immediately after our sessions my life changed positively and dramatically. Chung, Thanks for everything!!!

Hayward, CA

I was impressed by Chung's healing abilities. She is a very charismatic and compassionate person. After I sustained an injury to the forehead, she simply sat me down and performed her healing processes. My pain was immediately relieved. Thank you very much Chung!

--Eleanor A.
Fairfield, CA

"Chung is an extremely gifted healer. As she worked on me, her hands intuitively knew where to go to break up years of stuck energy around my throat area. I am now better able to "speak my truth" in a more compassionate manner. I look forward to continued work to address various other stuck areas in my life. I highly recommend Chung's healing and energy work."

--Sylvia S
Oakland, CA



"The purpose of our lives is to be happy."
~Dalai Lama

"The privilege of a lifetime is to be yourself." ~Joseph Campbell

"Be content with what you have, rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you."